Danuta Bennet

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EXPRESSIVE REALISM IN THREE MEDIA:Paintings, drawings, and photographic art

My work resides on the edge of real and illusory worlds. The opposition of representational images nested in unreal scenes is a means of puzzling out the realistic and non-representational qualities. This form of expressive realism defines my voice as an artist. As a result you will find a certain feeling of duality in almost all of my images; whether painting, drawing, or photographic art. Given the many ways of seeing and interpreting reality, I believe there is no “right” or “wrong” way to represent the real world.  I am interested in exploring those various points of view through my art, using a variety of mediums that allows me to express them from different perspectives. 

Being born in Poland and now living in Santa Barbara has added certain amount of artifice to my life, influencing my artistic point of view. I explore the disappearing memories and points of view from my past with the newly found places in reality that I am living now. I have become interpreter that deciphers those worlds through my art.