Kathleen Elsey



805 452-7717

Acrylic and Oil Paintings

“I am a contemporary American painter focusing on landscape, interior scape and still life. My colors are intensified and spontaneous in my hopes for a painting full of spirit. I work on canvas with a direct paint application in an expressive manner while using pure color combinations and meaty brushstrokes for a painterly and colorful image. Being a fauve and colorist, I tend to exaggerate things. I like topsy turvy. In fact, I don’t want anything straight and lined up or edgy. I am a painter and I want a painterly effect. I am attracted to the complex relationships of shapes and planes that I see and strive to transfer these images and emotions into paint on canvas.

Kathleen Elsey’s ­paintings include back-road landscapes, wild beauty, wonders of the land, beach scenes and paintings of interiors. She has won awards including Best of Show from the Carmel Plein Air Festival, Best of Signature Painters and Best Use of Medium from the Plein Air Painters of New Mexico as well as several awards from the National Association of Women Artists. In the past three years her works have exhibited in the Albuquerque Museum, Taos’ Millicent Rogers Museum, the Santa Barbara Maritime Museum, Bakersfield Museum and the Salmagundi Gallery in New York City. She is represented by galleries in Chicago, Taos, New Mexico, and Santa Barbara, California. Elsey teaches “Brush with Life” painting workshops in California and New Mexico. “Kathleen Elsey’s painting exerts a bold, almost post-Fauvist touch in her work. “Sunlit Room,” for one, flirts with burly Van Gogh effects, with a vivified palette and brusque brushwork. It’s the mightiest and most memorable painting in the exhibition.” Josef Woodard­–Santa Barbara News Press