Kerrie Smith

(805) 570 - 1663



Acrylic Paintings


In my artwork I examine 'Patterns' in our environment – urban, industrial as well as natural. I am interested in the changing intersection between place – city or nature –and as an artist I feel the responsibility to address this change, including adverse environmental impacts from the Californian fire driven eroding mountains, deserts and coastlines. I endeavor to capture our changing planet.

 In a world that is constantly changing via incredible leaps in technology and unbelievable strains upon the environment I am questioning our connection to the land. How do we arrive at a place where balance has been found between technology and nature and at what point do we begin to realize that we are not moving through a passive landscape. In my my series Equipoise/Vapours I imagine the portraits of organisms capable of lasting 1,000’s of years, shining a light on our planet’s resilience in the face of human intervention. As an artist my work is a reflection which describes the complex ‘counterbalance’ of asymmetries found in the dynamic forces of nature and a way to relate to the Earth.

 Kerrie Smith