Acrylic Paintings


Kerrie is a visual artist and painter. Her abstractions, Land and Light Patterns emanate from light and color patterns that she perceives in both natural and urban environments. The Light Patterns Series comes from her rich memories of California including it’s deserts and coastlines as well as urban experiences in Southern California and particularly Los Angeles.

Kerrie Smith’s paintings capture the rapturous relationships of time, light and nature. Her Light Patterns series reference this dynamic relationship primarily though her juxtaposition of dense color layers within an abstract geometric compositional structure. The color layers composed of meticulously organized dots form cloud like patterns of light, which flow through and across the geometric boundaries of the surface. Smith’s Light Patterns are a idiomatic language she has created to communicate to us the ephemeral interplay of light and the tangible structure of the physical world. Her richly textured patterns of color simultaneously define and erode the geometric boundaries within the paintings.

Kerrie is British and attended The Park Art School Yeovil, Somerset and has a BA in 3-Dimensional/Theater Design from Central School Saint Martins, London and worked as a theater designer throughout Europe and USA.