Kimberly Pratt

805 450-0930




Acrylics on Plywood, Canvas, or Glass

My work is mixed media painted, mostly acrylic, though currently I am working to add digital paintings. The paintings are highly textural with deep cuts and multiple raised surfaces. I especially enjoy the "magic" aspects of kiln fired glass, of raku, and other similar media... where you work and then you watch things come into your work without personal intent. It creates a kind of conversation with your work in which you speak, listen and respond only to listen again. A dialogue with the unconscious or with hidden chemical processes becomes much more fun for me than is trying to paint an actual object. I have always loved cracks in sidewalks and scratches on walls. As an adult I am amazed how much beauty is around us. Not in the obvious sunset, mountain or flower, but in the cement, the worn paint, the pieces of rust.

My undergraduate and graduate work have been explorations studying the creative process as it applies to visual imagery. After teaching High School art in New England for many years, I "retired" to devote full time to my own work. I have been a studio artist ever since. My work has been in Galleries in New England and in the Southwest.