Laurie MacMillan

805 962-6556



Acrylic, Oil and Cold Wax Paintings

My paintings are an amalgamation of impressions and memories of places I’ve seen.  I am fascinated with processes of build-up and weathering in geology, and growth and decay in the plant world.  My paintings reflect my love of color, shape, texture and movement in nature and the earth. 

Painting is like meditating.  I approach each new canvas with an idea of composition and color.  Then I allow the work to take new directions as the application of paint and mediums gives inspiration.  I’m looking for balance in composition and color, and a sense of movement within the piece.  The application of many layers allows me to make intriguing textures, and let older layers appear, much as the earth wears away.  I keep on altering what I see until there is nothing that I would like to change, and then I get to enjoy viewers’ varying interpretations of my abstract work.