Marlene Struss

805 967-7179



Abstract Painting

For me painting is absorbing, engaging play.  It is exhilarating exploration of the effects of paint of varying viscosities applied or removed with unusual tools and forces to discover colors, textures, lines,  and illusions that all work together to emulate the game of life, where the future is unpredictable and the past never completely disappears.  Layer upon layer of paint, each layer an aesthetic response to the previous one, resembles geological stratification, and shadows and form suggest space, movement and organic processes that are unknown but possible in a micro or macroscopic universe.  The balance of both masculine and feminine elements, sharpness and softness, curves and angles are present in my work in an attempt to grasp an idealized and cooperative totality.  At some point I get excited about what I see and gingerly approach the important decision to stop.   


My artwork has been widely exhibited in group and solo shows in galleries and museums in the United States, some foreign countries, and appears in a number of publications.  I have won several awards, including Independent Artist Award in Collage/Assemblage from Santa Barbara Arts Fund.