Marlene Struss




Acrylic Paintings

Rather than try to teach a lesson or tell a story with my artwork, if I have faith in my aesthetic sense, I know I will produce something that speaks to the viewer.  Once the panel is enlivened with the background color, from then on I allow the painting itself to lead, calling out to me for a particular hue or other balancing element or for a chance to dry naturally into surprising organic patterns. An honest internal dialog negotiating each fenestrated layer of my evolving piece facilitates a tangible artistic response to the previous layers. And thus the work of art unfolds like a life unplanned but in harmony with the universe at every juncture.  For me painting is exhilarating exploration — play, if you will — of the effects of acrylic paint of varying viscosities and additives applied or removed with unusual tools and forces aided by instrumental or ambient music.  I approach the stopping point gingerly as a dynamic yet congruous whole is perceived.

This process, best labeled biomorphic abstract expressionism, emulates the game of life where the future is unpredictable but the past never completely disappears.  The paintings pay homage to the mysteries of nature and creation and serve as an antidote to the anxiety of the manmade world.