Mary Ince

508 685-9742



Drawing and Printmaking

I am a visual artist specializing in printmaking and drawing.  

I prize the fresh spontaneity of the materials and processes of these two media.  With printmaking, I am tantalized by the sensuous feeling of the ink, the rigidness of the printing plates. The result of the pressed print being peeled away from its plate is the final high of printmaking.

The treasured surface of that paper has its own place in time and space. I strive for the fun and spontaneity of mark making qualities of drawing.  I feel the physicality and spirituality of paper and marks.  When I bring in elements of visual observation, ideas and feelings are transformed.  I love the intimacy of smudges, blendings, and the “smoosh” in my work.

I look for an element of surprise and wonder.  Ideas can never really be captured because they don’t belong to me.  They are a spiritual bridge between what I feel and the images I draw and print.  As I release a piece, I feel its tranquility.