Neil Crosbie



Oil, Ink, and Oil Crayon Drawings

When I was a kid I fell out of a tree in San Francisco. When I awoke there stood a coyote looking at me. The coyote had a sort of rectangular head and it was summer. I didn't speak for the next seven years. In stillness I set out for Mt. Fuji. Thus began a lifelong study of coyoteman phenomonology in drawing
painting and song form.

My drawings and paintings look really good even hanging on a wall. So some people send me money. The study of coyoteman is about how we always get confused and then get right back out of there in the empty incredibleness. The creek at Little Dry Creek Studio is my link between the intergalactic genius coyoteman-
non-action-hero-way and the unknown. I've got a blackbelt in tea. But enough about me. And a masters degree in outer space.