Karen Lehrer

805 967 0820



Acrylic and Mixed Media Painting

My current paintings are begun without a preconceived concept in mind. I might have a feeling I’m trying to evoke or an atmosphere I’d express with paint.

I’m inspired by repeating patterns and shapes I notice all around me, including design, architecture, and nature. I find myself using a symbolic language of patterns and shapes to more accurately depict and describe the world around me, both physical and imagined.

My use of color is directly influenced by the unlimited spectrum of hues found in nature. For example, I’m inspired by the stark contrast of acid green lichen peeking through snow-covered rocks, as well as vivid purple I saw on fat starfish in a shallow bay, or the subtle color combinations in a pile of bleached seashells.

My paintings are highly layered, each layer is a response to what was done previously, until it finally works into a cohesive piece, in which the scale, shape, color, tone, balance, contrast, and form come together. 


For more information, see Karen's Artist Profile in California Homes Winter 2014/15 edition.