Erika Carter

 805 452-6562



Acrylic Paintings on Birch Panels and Tin

Born and raised in Santa Barbara, Erika Carter continues to reside in her home town and lives and works in Santa Barbara's Funk Zone. In 2013 Erika established Green House Studios, a working studio that she shares with three of her peers.Erika's inspiration always begins with a combination of her external surroundings and her cultural heritage. Traveling through Europe and Central Mexico(her maternal grandparent's birth place) have greatly influenced her work over the past 14 years. There are more then 900 paintings in her "Retablo Series" (devotional paintings on tin or wood). And while Erika's travels are apparent in her artwork, so too is her own backyard… The rich history of Green House Studios property has found its way into to Erika's paintings over the last 3years.  Mary Castagnola Acquistapace had lived for morethan 70 years in the little cottage that is now known as Green House Studios…

"Mary is part of my work now, I feel like i'm a lucky guest in her home and garden. Her presence is undeniable and it feels instinctual to paint my impression of Mary and the bountiful fruit-trees and birds that inhabit her yard or MARY'S TREE OF LIFE".