Name:  Wendy Brewer

Wendy Brewer





I have always felt most connected to my heart when immersed in the creative process and when I am out in nature.  The experience of discovery, play, aliveness, beauty, grace, inspiration, and reverence feeds my soul and brings me joy! 

I have been working in clay and various art mediums for much of my life.  I love to experiment with materials, learn new techniques, and to continually expand and grow artistically.  In 1998 I discovered mosaics and find the limitless possibilities within the process delightful.  Most of my mosaics are like mixed-media collages.  I incorporate little treasure pieces that I make individually using polymer clay, gold leaf, crystals, metal pieces, unique beads, specialty art glass and mirror pieces.  Many of my mosaics reflect my love for the sea, incorporating shells, beach glass, mermaids, driftwood and more.  Every piece has special meaning to me.

Drawing on my experience as an artist, and my background in Human Development and Spiritual Psychology, I value the creative process as a vehicle for healing and connecting with self. I enjoy working with people of all ages and abilities in a wide variety of environments.  Currently I facilitate multi-media workshops that inspire self-discovery through creative expression. I teach in Children’s Art Programs and offer art in Senior Living Communities.  

In 2008 I began working in a Healing Arts Program.  Within that program I provided healing art experiences to hospital patients and their families, and hospital staff.  I worked with larger groups creating community mosaic mural projects/installations, and with more intimate groups in workshop settings creating individual mosaic pieces. 

I receive much gratification, joy, and fulfillment while immersing myself in the arts, contributing to the well-being of others, and offering heart-centered support to each person I work with.